Stencil Brush Wooden Rounded Hog Bristle Tips 20mm diameter

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Stencil Brush Wooden Rounded Hog Bristle Tip

This Wooden Hog Bristle Stencil Brush is the perfect tool for applying your stencil paints to paving, patio or walls using stencilling techniques. A solid wooden handle which is easy to hold and manoeuvre accompanied by equal length bristles to ensure your paint is applied evenly. The simplicity of the design allows you the freedom to select the appropriate amount of paint for your stencilling. The brush can then be dabbed onto your stencil or used as a traditional brush for larger areas.

The stencil brush has been tried and tested by Create Your World and we have achieved fantastic results! Take a look at our Instagram page to see how well the brush worked on our own stencil range. Ensure your stencil is firmly taped to the application surface and gently dab to achive impressive patterns on your paving, patio or walls. A dramatic, cost-effective way to improve your garden!

Ensure you wash your stencil brush wooden rounded hog bristle tip straight away in hot soapy water or a suitable brush cleaning solution and you can store your brush for future projects, use it for alternative colours or return to a part-finished task at a later date.

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