Nu Wallpaper TOOL KIT for Peel and Stick Wallpaper


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Nu Wallpaper TOOL KIT for peel and stick wallpaper

An essential tool kit for applying peel and stick wallpaper onto walls or any flat surface.  This kit will enable you to smooth out bumps and helps apply the vinyl correctly, so it bonds fully to the surface.  The snap off blade on the cutting tool is ideal for trimming edges and cutting around sockets, giving a nice neat finish!


  • Remove the backing paper, about 10cm at a time from the wallpaper and apply sticky side down to the surface, use the edge of the smoother to glide over the wallpaper from left to right
  • Use the cutting tool to remove any excess wallpaper, run the blade along the edge slowly, an ideal tool for cutting ceiling or skirting board edges
  • Visit our HELP section for frequently asked questions and how to videos


  • Carefully snap off blunt blades to reveal a new blade, dispose of any blades by wrapping in card or suitable container, avoiding any injury
  • The smoother can be easily wiped clean using a household cleaner and remove any stuck on vinyl wallpaper
  • Always keep out of reach of children

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