Alkor ALBA Sticky Back Plastic Vinyl Window Film


24 Hour Adhesion TimeHeat Resistance 75 DegreesWaterproofWipe CleanHeat to RemoveSelf-Adhesive110u Thickness

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Alkor ALBA sticky back plastic vinyl window film

This is a budget friendly solution for covering surfaces in your home.  The self-adhesive vinyl wrap is traditionally used for adding décor or privacy to overlooked windows or door panes.  It can also be applied to glass table-tops or mirrors as a feature and is fully removable.  This vinyl window film can be cut to any shape or size, ideal for small or awkward shaped windows and still allows the light to shine through!


  • Use a dc fix application kit to apply, it won’t damage the vinyl when smoothing out and includes a handy cutting tool
  • The vinyl has a handy grid on the backing paper, to use as a cutting guide
  • Allow a 2mm gap from any window seal when applying, this will stop the vinyl from lifting in time
  • Spray the window first with water, the vinyl can be difficult to manoeuvre on surfaces like glass, smooth out any excess water
  • Visit our HELP section for frequently asked questions and how to videos


  • Don’t worry if the vinyl goes cloudy, allow a couple of weeks for the water to completely dry out
  • Wipe clean using regular household cleaner, do not scrub the vinyl
  • Heat resistant to 75C, keep 12 inches away from naked flames
  • Fully removable, use a hairdryer to make the job easier

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