Artifix CARRARA MARBLE NOIR Sticky Back Plastic Vinyl Wrap Film



Artifix CARRARA MARBLE NOIR sticky back plastic vinyl wrap film

This is a budget friendly solution for covering surfaces in your home.  Revamp worktops using this Artifix self-adhesive vinyl wrap, it’s heat resistant to 75C and durable to clean.  This is a non-permanent DIY solution and is completely removable, ideal for tenants or landlords looking for a quick fix.  Realistic marbles and stone designs will transform your tired countertops, at a fraction of the cost of buying new!


  • Use a dc fix application kit to apply, it won’t damage the vinyl when smoothing out and includes a handy cutting tool
  • Overlap the vinyl wrap film a few mm to allow for shrinkage when joining on a worktop for example
  • The vinyl can be applied around sinks, cut out the sink area and trim any excess
  • The vinyl has a handy grid on the backing paper, to use as a cutting guide
  • The vinyl can be difficult to manoeuvre on surfaces like glass and appliances, lightly spray water first
  • Use a hairdryer on curved surfaces, it warms the vinyl wrap film making it more pliable for tricky edges
  • Visit our HELP section for frequently asked questions and how to videos


  • To ensure your surface is water tight, use silicone sealant around sinks and hobs for example
  • Wipe clean using regular household cleaner, do not scrub the vinyl and wipe spillages that may stain immediately e.g. curry
  • Do not cut or move sharp objects around on the vinyl, it will damage it – always use worktop savers to protect the vinyl
  • Heat resistant to 75C, so hot plates and cups are fine, but not hot pans, keep 12 inches away from naked flames

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