Stencil It DAISY Reusable Tile Stencil for Walls, Floors, Patios and Furniture

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Stencil It Daisy Reusable Tile Stencil for Walls, Floors, Patios and Furniture

Daisy reusable tile stencils can transform the look of old wall and floor tiles, both in the home and in the garden. The results are so effective and satisfying, you’ll be proud to show off your handywork. Whether you want to go bold with a black and white theme, add a pop of colour to a boring floor or create a more subtle look. With so many paint colours on the market, the world is your oyster. Just remember to follow the golden rules; prepare the surface properly, take your time, and seal the paint when it’s dry.

High Quality

Stencil template is made from 190 micron “Mylar A” flexible material. This can be fully re-cycled and is re-usable if kept clean and flat or rolled between uses.


Use a brush or small foam roller to apply over your tile stencil with your chosen paint. Before you begin your project read our FAQ’s and “How To” stencilling guides, which you’ll find in the help menu.

Easy Care

The Daisy reusable tile stencil can be cleaned with a non abrasive household cleaner and water to remove water based paint. Additionally, these stencils can be re-used if cleaned properly.

Peace of mind

The stencils are posted in protected packaging to avoid damage during transit.


Each design is available in sizes 30cm x 30cm, 45cm x 45cm and 60cm x 60cm.

Top Tips!

  • Use a brush or small foam roller to apply the paint SPARINGLY over the stencil. (Overloading the roller with paint will cause bleeding).
  • When stenciling floors, start at the furthest point from the door so you avoid stepping on your freshly painted floor.
  • Clean the stencil between uses to remove paint and prevent blotting (2 stencils can be useful to speed up the process and the second can be cut down if necessary to fit awkward spaces).
  • Use masking tape to hold the stencil in place while you are painting.


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