TRENT Anti-slip Rug Grip Mat for Carpets

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Trent Anti-slip Rug Grip Mat for Carpets

Trent anti slip mats underlay prevent mats, rugs and runners from slipping and puckering on textile flooring such as carpets. If your rug slides on your floor it can develop ridges which will weaken the backing and cause extensive damage which can prevent the rug from lying completely flat, not to mention the safety issues if you trip over it!

A special coating is used to provide the maximum support without leaving any sticky residues on your floor, unlike spray products.

Fabric adhesive coating

  • Thickness 2.5mm
  • Weight 160g/sqm
  • Remove both films front & back to reveal tacky texture
  • Can be cut using scissors
  • Apply to back of rug first and then down onto carpet
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Not suitable for washing machine
  • Do not iron
  • Available in various sizes
  • Overlap rug by at least 8mm to ensure the underlay is not visible


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