Dc fix GLITTER GREEN Sticky Back Plastic Vinyl Wrap Film (45cm x 1.5m)

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Note this is a thinner & more delicate vinyl, so shouldn’t be used on heavy duty surfaces like a worktop, it’s for decorative use only. We also don’t recommend using a hard smoother, just a soft cloth to apply this vinyl.


SKU: 341-0016

Dc fix Glitter Green Sticky Back Plastic Vinyl Wrap Film

Dc fix Glitter Green sticky back plastic shimmers and shines in the light while giving your furniture and accessories a touch of glamour. Why not add glitz to your drawer fronts with this vinyl wrap or cut out shapes for teenage bedrooms, it can even be applied to plain light shades!

High Quality

Dc fix is our preferred brand of vinyl film due to its 5* rating for adhesion, opacity, lightfastness, shrinkage and durability. The water based low tack adhesive allows it to be repositioned during application.


Quick and easy to apply to clean, smooth flat surfaces. Simply remove the backing paper little by little and smooth into place. Moving the smoother side to side to eliminate air bubbles. If you make a mistake, peel back and start again.

Non Permanent

Sticky back plastic is a non-permanent DIY solution for updating surfaces in the home. Perfect for upcycling items of furniture or home accessories. The film is fully removable – use a hairdryer to soften the adhesive first and warm soapy water to remove any remaining residue.

Easy Care

Wipe clean with a regular household cleaner. Wipe up spillages that may stain straight away (i.e. curry). If you do damage the surface for example, don’t worry, just cut out the damaged section and replace with a new piece of film, ensuring any joins are overlapped slightly!

Peace of mind

Product is well protected and delivered in a strong postal tube or box to avoid damage during transit.

Top Tips!

  • Use the handy grid on the backing paper as a cutting guide
  • Spray a little water on smooth surfaces like glass & appliances
  • You can use a hairdryer on curved surfaces to make the vinyl more pliable

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