Floor Pops REMY Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles 30.48cm X 30.48cm

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Note these tiles have a batch number, we will send you the same batch number per order, but please order enough for the job, we cannot guarantee the same batch number if you re-order. Tiles can be returned if you need to.

Note if your surface is not completely flat or the corners of your tiles are lifting, use a spray adhesive and stick down firmly or lay hardboard on your floor first, to give it a sound base to apply the tiles


> Do’s and Don’ts for Peel & Stick Floor Tiles



Floor Pops Remy Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles

Instantly refresh your decor with these easy application Floor Pops Remy peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles. The water-resistant finish makes them ideal for kitchen floors and bathrooms too. A tiled flooring without the need for heavy tools or grout.


Quick and easy to apply yourself with minimal mess and disruption, no need for expensive tradesmen either. Simply peel and stick to hard, clean, flat surfaces (note dirt and dust will prevent the adhesive from bonding). To cut, score with a utility knife and snap. Line up grout lines and pattern matches. If you make a mistake, lift up and re-apply.


Apply to smooth flat ceramic tiles, wood flooring or hardboard. Avoid uneven surfaces eg. floor boards, floating floors, concrete, lino, carpet or radiant heated floors (if installing over concrete or wood, a latex primer is necessary for secure application).


You can fully remove tiles by lifting the corner and peeling back. Heat from a hairdryer can help soften the adhesive.

Easy Care

Wipe clean with a regular household cleaner. Use vacuums and mops as normal, 5 days after application. 

Peace of mind

Product is well protected and delivered in a strong box to avoid damage during transit.

Top Tips!

  • If you’re unsure about your floor, we recommend laying hardboard down first, this will give a solid flat surface ideal for the tiles
  • Use the guide on the backing paper to show you which way the pattern matches (if any)
  • Rotate the tile when laying to make sure it’s the right way round. You may find a slight variation in design match from tile to tile. The variation should not affect the overall look of your flooring.
  • Extra adhesive can be used if tiles are not adhering as expected, use regular flooring adhesive eg. Bostik or similar
  • Ensure enough tiles are purchased, they are manufactured with a batch number and although we will send you the same batch, we cannot guarantee the same number on future orders


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