In Home AVIGNON 3D Epoxy Splashback Tile Stickers 25.4cm x 25.4cm



In Home Avignon 3D Epoxy Splashback Tile Stickers

Give your splashbacks an instant tiled look without the hassle of tiling, using these In Home Avignon 3D tile stickers to transform your kitchen or bathroom decor. These tile stickers are practical too, resistant to humidity and made of eco-friendly materials. They are anti-fungal, anti-mould, antibacterial and are formaldehyde free. A simple and budget friendly way to revamp your kitchen and bathroom. 


Make sure the surface is smooth, solid, dry and thoroughly clean before applying. The sheets overlap each other to avoid wateror dirt from entering any gaps. The stickers can be cut around sockets very easily with scissors. Afterwards, seal any edges and joins using clear silicone sealant if using in wet areas. Leave to dry for 24 hours before cleaning at room temperature.


Apply to smooth flat ceramic tiles, painted walls, hardboard, plywood, shower walls (if edges are sealed). Avoid uneven surfaces or unfinished walls eg. raised tiles or stone, wood panelling, bare plaster and damp walls that are untreated. Wait 3 weeks before applying to freshly painted walls. 


Use a hairdryer to soften the adhesive, pull back a corner and remove.

Easy Care

Wipe clean your Avignon 3D epoxy tile stickers with a regular household cleaner.

Peace of mind

Product is well protected and delivered in a strong postal tube or box to avoid damage during transit.

Top Tips!

  • Spray lightly with water on the surface to help the sticker slide into position (if required, usually not necessary on painted walls)
  • Apply at room temperature (approx. 70F)
  • Don’t forget to remove the protective film on the front!
  • Seal all joins and edges using clear silicone sealant to make it water-tight


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